Courgette recipes

For my own reference if nothing else, I thought I’d list some of the courgette dishes I’ve made this summer that have been quite successful. 

1. Courgettes and sugar snap peas (side dish).
I only grew mange-tout this year, but this is much better with sugar snaps. Steam the peas for 5 mins first. Cut the courgettes into half length wise, and then diagonal wedges. Fry in a bit of olive oil and butter, add some chopped garlic (optional).  Add the peas to the pan, and season with salt and pepper. Toss and serve. The sweetness of the peas seems to lift the courgettes, and adds a bit of crunch.

2. Courgettes with leeks, butter beans and feta cheese.
Cut and cook the courgettes as above, add a sliced up leek and cook until slightly browned at the edges, add the pre-cooked butter beans just to heat them through, and finally crumble on some chunks of feta before serving. This definitely does benefit from a squeeze of lemon or lime. Could be dish on it’s own but also very nice with a grilled tuna steak on top.

3. Courgettes roasted in a big pan with other veg (preferably with some sausages or chops). The trick here is to keep them in fairly big chunks or else they disappear into sludge. Goes well with red pepper and onion, but you could use anything you have.

4. Courgettes with pasta and bacon. Cook some strips of bacon until quite crispy, remove onto kitchen paper. Cook the courgettes in olive oil and serve with the bacon over some penne pasta.

5. Courgette, lemon and apricot loaf cake. Recipe on request. I have also discovered a recipe for chocolate courgette cake – now you’re talking! Can’t wait to try this out next year. Click here for a link to the recipe. There are some other great fruit and vegetable based recipes there too. I do like getting my 5 a day through cake!

6. Courgette bread (Jamie Oliver recipe – trust me it’s lovely). Haven’t made this year yet – still time. I can also send this recipe to anyone interested.

I also like them simply sliced, dusted with a bit of flour and seasoning and fried until golden. Probably not the healthiest option. And they also bulk up a bolognaise very well, which is the classic way to sneak them into a meal unnoticed.

If anyone has any suggestions to add, do let me know.


  1. Courgettes are quite pricey in our area, but its distinct flavor and way the vegetable is patterned is quite different from others.

    It’s great to see that you’ve cooked it in flour and seasoning!

    Courgettes are very good when it’s used to create flowery garnishes. Try using a skin peeler, slice it thinly and shape a few of them to look like a rose.

    Or, you can just char-grill them for a while and watch as they loose their grip – Great for salads.

    Happy cooking!


  2. Courgette plants are easy to grow, and don’t take up a lot of space. They don’t like frost, so you would have to grow them in the summer.
    I grow them in the garden, but I’m sure they would grow in a large pot, if you watered and fertilised the plant. One plant is sufficient for 2 of us. If you don’t harvest them regularly, the cougettes will become large marrows.


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