Where there’s muck …

… there are vegetables a plenty.

After weeks of harvesting nothing but courgettes, radishes and french beans, all of sudden the rest of the plot is ready for harvesting and eating. It’s all very exciting, months of hard work are now paying us back (in veg anyway). Those pictured above were en route to the slow cooker to be accompanied by some lamb and stock. 

This is my first harvest of broccoli. And the first time I’ve grown it too. It was really easy to grow. I started them from seed in some biodegradable pots (as they don’t like being transplanted) back in May. Once they were big enough and tough enough to handle the great outdoors (about a month later) I planted them out in rows about 25-30 cm apart. And then covered them with fine mesh netting to keep the pesky cabbage white butterflies off (though some still managed to get in somehow). Then just keep a check on them because (as I discovered) if you leave them for too long, the flower heads start to open and can quickly run to seed. Can’t wait to try this fella.

These are Autumn King carrots. One of the first things to be sown on the plot in early May. These are the biggest carrots I’ve ever grown, and actually the first time I’ve grown straight carrots with no forking. And thankfully no carrot fly! Maybe the marigolds planted along side the row did the trick. Who knows?

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