Potato harvest

We decided to lift all of the potatoes at the weekend (okay, John did the hard work) for fear of them being eaten by slugs. There are a few holes in them, but I think this might be due to wire worms. The same small holes are in the onions and leeks. Only the carrots seem to be untouched so far. I read an article about them somewhere that said they usually feast on the roots of grass, and so are more prevalent where there has previously been a lot of grass. Which of course there was on our plot before we cultivated it. So hopefully next year will be better, until the next pest takes hold of course! The joys of organic gardening.

We managed to get a few random yellow potatoes in the batch. We have no idea what variety they are. They look good though – much bigger than the Desiree potatoes. We’ve already got our order in for next years seed potatoes. We’re going with 3 varieties to try and spread them out through the year. Swift (very early) Picasso (main crop) and Anya (salad potatoes). I’ll report back next year on how they get on. I think we may end up giving most of them away, but that’s half the fun.

One comment

  1. Wow, what a lot of potatoes. Isn’t it a miracle of growth? I just love to read about other people’s gardens. We put in a small patch of potatoes, not much space. But we got a nice paper bag full. Stop in to see my blog. Would love to have you.


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