Purple Sprouting Broccoli


I know we’ve had some miserable weather lately, but it’s actually very mild for the time of year. My purple sprouting broccoli isn’t supposed to be flowering until spring next year, but it’s obviously decided to make an early appearance. Which is fine by me, I was starting to get bored of carrots and leeks anyway! What a beautiful colour it is. Unfortunately, the mild weather also means that my cabbages are still covered in caterpillars, who are happily munching away, enjoying the frost free nights. You win some, you loose some.

One comment

  1. […] The purple sprouting broccoli has been very prolific. It was a free packet of seed that was offered if I bought 2 other packets. By then I’d already bought some seeds for calabrese (which is what most people think of as broccoli, thanks to the supermarkets, the standard green stuff). But I hadn’t really considered growing purple sprouting as well. However, never one to turn down the offer of something for free, I decided to try it out, and popped a few seeds in a pot while sowing the calabrese. I grew it in the same bed, alternating calabrese and PS broccoli, for no real reason other than aesthetics (in a very loose sense of the word). But actually that worked out well, as the calabrese matures mid to late summer, the PS is still growing. Once you’ve cut the main flower head off the calabrese, you do get a few small side shoots to extend the harvest, but not really beyond November, which is when at least 1 of the PS plants began to flower (a bit earlier than expected – see post).  […]


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