Shed progress


Most of my time down the allotment recently has been taken up with the shed. But it has now been felted, preserved, sealed and guttered, in the hope that the winter rainfall will collect in the makeshift butt and not inside the shed. In the spring I’ll attempt to landscape the area around it to make a nice seating area, though not quite sure how yet. Also, I have planted a blackberry (Oregon thornless) on the north facing side, so I’m hoping that will romp away and provide some fruit next year. 


The beds are looking very bare now. John has dug over the area that contained the radishes, carrots, marigolds, courgettes, butternut squashes (which I planted too late and didn’t have time to develop) and dwarf beans. It’s amazing to think that this small patch contained all of that. It is now a blank canvas for next year, when it will contain the early new potatoes and some lettuce in spring, and then the brassicas later in the year. I need quite a bit of space for the brassicas, as this will consist of cabbages (red and savoy) broccoli (calabrese and purple sprouting) swede and new for next year – sprouts for Christmas.

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