New shoots

garlic-shootIt’s always quite reassuring to see plants shooting and coming to life in the depths of a freezing cold winter. We had quite a bit of snow yesterday (for England) but you can just see the last of it melting away. Pictured above are the first brightly coloured new shoots of rhubarb, which I inherited with the plot. They look a bit like boiled sweets popping up out of the ground. The plants suffered from being crudely strimmed along with the grass last year, though I couldn’t really complain at having the grass strimmed for us. They grew back, but a bit pathetically, so I mulched them in autumn with home made compost, and have given them a liquid seaweed feed in the hope that they will recover to full strength this year. And pictured right is one of the first shoots of garlic, which we planted back in November. This is a very reassuring sight after I convinced myself the bulbs had rotted, after all the rain that fell after planting them. Ye of little faith.


Also glad to report the savoy cabbages are coming on nicely. I’ve resisted harvesting any so far as they’ve been a bit too small yet. But they’ve been growing well over the last month and I reckon one might make it to my kitchen come the weekend. I’ve only got 3 (not sure what happened to the others I had as seedlings – slugs?) so I’m treating them like the most precious delicacy – despite the fact that I could easily go a buy one in the supermarket or the farmers market. It’s just not the same, as any fellow growers out there will agree I’m sure. 


The weird crumpled leaves look amazing with the snow and ice gently melting into water droplets in the sunshine. 


I also just wanted to share this photo with you. I took it this morning in the allotment shed. The spiders web hung just in front of the window, and where the sun had shone through and started to evaporate the condensation on the inside of the window, the web had acted like a delicate lacy stencil, resulting in this pattern of fine water droplets on the window. I like to think the messy section in the middle is the result of a busy mornings work by the spider. I thought it was quite amazing – but then I’m easily pleased.

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