Chitting and transplanting


Spring seems to have finally arrived and it’s all go from here on. These will be the first lucky devils to go into the allotment this year. In the newspaper pots are lettuce seedlings, a variety called Marvel of Four Seasons (which basically means you can grow this one all year round) and I also have some Little Gem seedlings. These will be planted out in a few weeks with plastic bottles for cloches over the top, that is if I can save enough bottles by then. And the potatoes currently being chitted above are Swift earlies. I’m hoping to get these in around the middle of March, but they will need to be grown under fleece to keep them protected from frosts. 


I have dug over the beds for these fellas, evicted the nasty weeds, fluffed up the soil and laid down some plastic sheeting to warm it up for them. I’m just too damn kind to my plants! Next thing you know I’ll be tucking them in and reading them a bedtime story.

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