Heritage seeds


As usual I’ve sown far too many tomatoes. At least now I have the allotment I’ll have more space to grow them. And in fact we’ve been allowed a bit more space at the bottom end of our allotment where plans for a road have now been scrapped as the council don’t have the funds for it. All the more land for us then – hoorah! So I’ll be putting extra tomatoes in wherever I can and probably making lots of tomato pasta sauce come the autumn. For christmas I received a years membership to the Heritage Seed Library, so the seedlings pictured on the left are a heritage variety called Salt Spring Sunrise. They’re a Canadian variety and are supposedly good for cooking – just as well!


I’ve also sown some heritage leeks called Early Market, and I’ve started some parsnips (Guernsey) in cardboard tubes. I had a nightmare last year trying to keep the weeds free from typically slow germinating parsnips, always fearful that in pulling out the weeds I’d pull out any germinating seedlings. I read somewhere that it’s worth starting them off in biodegradable pots (as you can’t really transplant root crops) to get them established first, so thought I’d try it. Also from the HSL are: carrots John’s Purple (I couldn’t resist) swede Gul Svensk (sounds Swedish to me) and climbing french beans Bird’s Egg (I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t look like bird’s eggs). I’ll let you know how they get on. Would love feedback from anyone else who has grown these.

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