Measuring tool


I had a spare length of decking left over from making the raised beds for the strawberries, and so I decided to make myself a measuring tool for spacing out seeds and young plants. I usually space things out quite randomly by eye, roughly guessing how much space is needed, and inevitably end up squashing the last few in at one end. But hopefully this will help take out some of the guess work and even the rows out better. Also, with the carrots and radishes for example, I’m hoping that evenly spacing the seed at the sowing stage, will mean less work in thinning them out later. 

The top row is marked out at 25 cm intervals, the middle row 15 cm, and the bottom row 5 cm. I’ve added a few reminders to myself for which seeds are for which spacing, and also drilled holes along the middle and bottom rows for dropping the seed straight through. Genius or complete madness?

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