I so hate bindweed

Bindweed pile

This is by far the biggest hatred of mine when it comes to weeds. Yes, we have couch grass, nettles, speedwell, and other weeds I can’t identify, but for me the worst thing is the bindweed. It seems to be more concentrated in the middle section of the plot, from the shed down towards the bottom end. So, thankfully we can control it easily enough in the top half where it isn’t as bad, with a quick slice of the hoe. But the worst section is around the peas, beans and raspberries, which are more tricky to get the hoe around. This pile pictured above was pulled from a 2m square bed that I’d already de-weeded once already. At least when it starts to re-shoot it’s easier to spot the bright white shoots when you turn the soil over, but this isn’t much comfort . . .

Bindweed piece

. . . I mean how are you meant to compete with a weed that regenerates itself from an old brown piece of root that’s a mere 2 inches long? On a plot 250 square meters? Without resorting to chemicals?

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