Potatoes out – leeks in

potato digging

I must be turning into a fair weather gardener. One week it’s far too hot, I’m sweating buckets trying to dig over ground that’s turned into lumps of solid hard rock. I decide there’s no point trying to plant anything into ground like that, it’ll wither and die the moment I turn my back. Then the next week it rains every evening, preventing me from doing anything. Pathetic excuse I know. But it goes to prove that no amount of planning, by charts telling you what to plant when, really helps. You always end up going by the weather.

Which means I’ve only just got around to planting out the late leeks (got an early variety in already), the brassicas, and some more lettuce. And have finally sown some more carrots, beetroot, pak choi, radishes and spring onions. The weather was a bit muggy on Saturday, but then it finally broke and rained all evening to water in all our plants. Can’t complain at that!

In order to make space for more leeks, we dug up one row of salad potatoes. These are Anya potatoes, they’re similar to Pink Fir but slightly less knobbly. They’ve come out well, much better than the Swifts. No wire worm damage, no slug damage, no rotten potatoes, quite a good yield (the picture below shows about a third of a row) and very tasty. Couldn’t ask for more really.

Anya potatoes

Now that we’ve finally had some decent rain, most of the crops are growing strong. Especially the tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers. We currently have lots of little baby veggies, just waiting to get going. More pictures to come when I remember to take them, but for now here’s a summer squash I planted a while back called Patty Pan. Apparently you eat them while they’re quite small a bit like courgettes.

Patty's pan

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