Mid summer harvest

blackberry bowl

Huge, juicy and sweet, I’m very impressed with my Oregon Thornless blackberries. I didn’t expect to get a huge harvest from these in the first year, but I’ve had two big bowls full so far and there’s more to come. I made an American style single crust apple and blackberry pie – where you basically roll out the pastry, dump the fruit in the middle and bring the sides up leaving a small hole in the top, lazy persons pie – which was delicious, and that’s all that counts in my book. I’m filling the freezer up fast!

cucumber harvest

Also been eating my first cucumbers which are lovely. These are a variety called Marketmore and they grow very well outdoors, provided they get plenty of water. I’ve trained mine to grow over a small wigwam of canes to save space and keep them off the ground. The skins get a bit tough if they’re left for too long, but otherwise they are hugely successful.

beans harvest

And finally my beans are ready and growing like there’s no tomorrow. As you can see they have a red tinge to them which develops more the bigger they grow. This variety (heritage Bird’s Egg) is meant to also be good for growing the beans within, so I’m leaving any that have gone beyond a certain size, and once I’ve had my fill of the young green beans, I’ll leave the rest to develop and dry, and harvest the beans for winter casseroles and home made baked beans, yum!

Also still harvesting lots of potatoes, beetroot and courgettes of course! Am I sounding smug? I feel it.

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