Sweetcorn harvest

sweetcorn hairdo

This is how the sweetcorn looked a couple of weeks ago with its henna tresses, amazing! And now we’ve harvested 15 cobs from 8 plants. 1 cob had already gone over and burst at the seams (technically bolted I guess) and there were a couple more that weren’t quite ready yet. But that’s more sweetcorn than we’ll ever get through.

sweetcorn harvest

I can’t wait to boil up the first cob and scoff it with butter drizzled all over. I know you’re meant to eat it as soon as possible after harvest, as the sweetness deteriorates quickly. Which means I’ll be doing a mass boiling, stripping of kernels and freezing this week. Not sure if you can just freeze them whole? One things for sure – I could really do with a bigger freezer. I’ve found a recipe for sweetcorn and mushroom pancakes that I can’t wait to try out. You basically make some pancakes and keep them separate, fry up the parboiled sweetcorn with some mushrooms, add these to a bechamel sauce, and use to fill the pancakes. Put them in a dish with some grated cheese on top and bake in the oven. A recipe you could easily make your own.

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