Bean feast

Beans - mature

These are the heritage Bird’s Egg beans. I’ve been eating the new shooting green beans for a while now, and very tasty they have been, but as they’ve matured and fattened up, they have turned into the most beautiful brightly coloured pods. According to the HSL catalogue, these are thought to have existed in England since 1825, so it’s fantastic to be still growing them today, 184 years later.

Beans - podded

These are what the podded beans look like. I’ll certainly be saving some of the best beans to grow next year, and will happily save some for any friends or family reading this who might be interested in growing them. Thoroughly recommended.

Beans - on toast

And this is how they looked when cooked with some onion and garlic, tomato puree, brown sugar, a bit of black molasses (you could use treacle), wholegrain mustard, and stock. I think I might have thrown some red wine in there too for good measure, and a handful of ripped up basil. Throw everything in (don’t ask me for quantities!) and cook down until it reaches the desired consistency.

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