Autumn is in the air

Chrystanthemums display

We’re only just into September, but already it feels quite autumnal down on the plot. I spent Sunday burning the remains of the blighted tomatoes which had dried out enough for successful burning. Something about lighting a fire outdoors (though safely in an incinerator) and watching plumes of white smoke drift across the almost deserted allotment made me feel autumnal. I also stripped and pulled out the bean plants, though only because the framework of canes had collapsed and it looked a mess. Packing the canes back into the shed is a sure sign that summer is over. I trimmed a lot of the mildewy leaves from the butternut squash plants, which will also allow the sun to get through to the fruit for ripening. And I spent time weeding the brassicas and taking off any yellowing leaves from near the ground to avoid any diseases, or harbouring slugs.

I still have a long list of jobs to be done. The main one being to turn the compost heap, which is full to bursting point already. Any useable compost will be spread over the beds which will soon be planted with onions and garlic, and the redundant sweetcorn plants need pulling and chopping up to create the base of the next compost heap, which will be full again before long. Exciting stuff!

Nothing really that photogenic going on, so I’ve taken a picture of some chrysanthemums from the allotment which I grew from seed. On one small (2m square) bed, I’ve so far got orange, yellow, pink and purple flowers all just about blooming. I’m quite chuffed, though not sure I’ve got enough space in the house for them all.

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