Squash up

Butternut squash2

These are my Butternut squashes that I’ve brought home to ripen on the windowsill. I think the middle 2 that have turned a creamy beige are probably ready. I’m guessing the green ones still have a way to go. I harvested 4 squashes from 2 plants, which isn’t exactly the highest of yields, but maybe I didn’t water them enough. They did produce lots of tiny baby fruits towards the end of the summer, but they wouldn’t have had time to grow and develop, and so I cut them off to redirect the plants energy into fattening up these. In hindsight, maybe I should have done it the other way around, and taken off the larger fruit to allow the smaller ones to grow on. Either way, I think I need more plants next year, though I might try some different varieties as well.

Patty's pan

And these are the remaining Patty’s Pan squashes. John took this picture and I love the contrast between the dark soil and the bright sunshine yellow of the squashes. Brightens up any dreary autumn day.


  1. I made a curry with this type of squash this week, I cut the top out and hollowed out the squash then served the curry using the squash as the bowl. A sweet thai style curry with lots of coconut and green leaf. These are lovely.


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