Fruit Trees

Fruit trees

This is the very bottom end of our plot where we have planted 2 fruit trees. The one on the left is an apple tree (on dwarfing rootstock M27) called Sweet Society. It’s a cox like apple, selected by the RHS to celebrate their Bicentennial. The one on the right is a Victoria Plum tree.

There is something nice about planting trees, knowing they will (hopefully) be there for years to come. We will have to prune the plum tree quite a bit to stop it growing too large, but with the trees at the end of a south facing plot, they won’t over shadow anyone else’s plot, or our own for that matter, so shouldn’t cause any problems. Some allotments don’t allow fruit trees (I was quizzed to ensure mine are small) but you could always grow rows of cordon or step-over trained trees.

I have underplanted the trees with red darwin tulips, which will be great for cutting for the house, as I never like to cut the tulips that grow in the garden. Can’t wait for them to start fruiting!

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