Signs of Spring

March has finally arrived and it’s come in like a lamb, which I think means it will go out like a lion, but let’s not worry about that just yet. For now we have some blue skies, dry weather, even a touch of warmth if you turn your face towards the sun, and the birds are chirping like crazy, it must be spring! It won’t be long before little white lambs are skipping through the daffodils. It’s my favourite time of the year, or did you guess that already? However, it also means that work in the world of horticulture accumulates faster than I’m ever prepared for. Bring it on.

The blackcurrant bush is bursting into life already. Let’s hope this year I can get to the fruit before the birds do.

The chrysanthemums are pushing out new leaves, so I’ve cut back the old stems to allow a bit of that sunshine to filter through.

The chives are growing back, which to me is always a sign of spring. You can’t beat a few chopped chives on your buttered new potatoes.

And the daffs are courageously pushing their way through the thick mud which constitutes most of the allotment at the moment. It will take a bit more sunshine and dry weather yet before any digging can be done.

So for now I have tidied up a bit, cut back the chrysanthemums, and installed a second water butt behind the shed, complete with a crazy pathing style circle for the watering can to be placed. No real reason for this except to keep the mud-pie-making-child in me happy!

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