Pea and bean weevil

The pesky little monsters (I’m being polite) are back, chomping away on my broad beans. The tell tale sign that you have pean and bean weevil are these little circular notches all around the edges of the leaves. You know it’s not caterpillars, as they would start in one spot and work their way in, but these work their way right around the edges, carving very small and neat circular scalloping into every leaf. I’m quite impressed actually. And they’re not too difficult to spot either …

… here’s one caught in the act, and another in the background below. If you disturb them they cannily fall to the ground and cover themselves in dirt so they’re camouflaged. Quite amazing to watch. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do if, like me, you garden organically. The organic methods are basically to pick them off by hand and destroy them. Nice. Or cover the plants with fine mesh to start with. Luckily these broad beans were started off in November and are strong enough to withstand the attack, I hope. The weevils don’t actually kill the plant, but they might sufficiently damage a young seedling plant to kill it off.

So the only advice I’ve gathered from the internet is, to get your plants established well first (either in pots at home or under cover, as my peas are) and pick the little devils off when you find them. Though I’m still tempted to try some extra strong garlic spray!

This is the first year I’ve grown broad beans, and I’d never realised before quite how beautiful the flowers are. You don’t really notice them from above, but when you get down to soil level and see them close up, they are stunning. These are Super Aquadulce in case you’re interested.


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