A little bit of sunshine…

… makes all the difference doesn’t it? Not just to the plant life but to us too. Even the dog has been a bit more playful and frisky of late. Is that why we call it Spring? You certainly feel it in your step. Unless you’re aching from all the gardening that is.

These are some cheap and cheerful tulip bulbs I threw in underneath the fruit trees when I planted them last autumn. It was a bit of an afterthought really, but I’m glad I did now, they look great. And so nice to go home from the plot with a big bunch of flowers at this time of year.

And they’re huge. The biggest tulips I’ve ever grown. I’ve got some more of the same variety in pots at home which are only half the size. I didn’t realise before that given more space and nutrients, the bigger tulips will grow. It seems obvious now.

The seasonal sowing and planting is going well so far. Under my very posh plastic bottle cloches are my lettuces (don’t ask what variety – I’ve forgotten) which are being protected from slugs and pigeons while also getting a bit more warmth for a good start in life. Next to them where the orange lines are, I’ve sown more carrots and spring onions. Already in are early carrots, parsnips, radishes (marking the parsnip rows) beetroot, peas and more broad beans.

We’ve also been tidying up the plot quite a lot. It’s all about the aesthetics this year. John’s words, but as a designer I can hardly argue with that. So the area around the shed has been tidied up, the herb bed (above) weeded and the perennial herbs pruned back.

The grass paths have been mowed, and I’m now re-edging them with my shiny new edging tool. It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it. Partly it stops the grass encroaching into what could be valuable growing space, but it looks much nicer too.

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