Leeks and rhubarb

We have a glut of both at the moment. Just a pity they don’t go together! I’m attempting to squeeze leeks into every meal possible, and am making lots of specific leek based meals. I had leek and potato soup (yet again) for lunch yesterday and included a leek in my chicken stir-fry. I’ve made chicken and leek pies and a puff pastry tart, bacon and leek cornish pasties. This weekend will be a leek feast of leek and blue cheese pasta; a leek and feta cheese quiche; and pork, leek and bean casserole. They also make a good risotto and can be wrapped in Parma ham and covered in cheese sauce, though you really need the smaller baby leeks for that …

… not these great fatties. This one has got to be the biggest leek we’ve grown yet. I was planning on saving it for seed, but it was a bit too close for comfort to a row of potatoes and had to come out.

As for the rhubarb, it’s been crumbled, caked and stewed with lot of sugar and poured over ice-cream. It’s hardly making a dent in the supply though. I can’t believe the price they charge in the supermarkets for a small bunch of stalks. I have seen a few recipes for rhubarb and strawberry jam which I’m quite tempted to try.

As can you see we have to keep harvesting the outside stalks as the leaves over shadow anything growing either side of it. I’m not complaining though!

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