Good weather for flowers

Okay the sunny weather has been nice, but it’s getting too hot, and could we please have some rain now? We had a couple of brief showers in the night, but the ground is so dry and hard it’ll take a really good downpour to saturate it. I recently planted out some more lettuces which have quickly withered and died, and I’ve just got around to planting out the brassica bed, which I’m now quite concerned about. We have no central water supply on our site, so we all have to rely on water butts attached to our sheds, and once they’ve dried up it means lugging containers of water down there in the car. Not much fun on a hot day.

The only things doing well on the plot at the moment are the flowering sort. This is one of the leeks we left in the ground to flower which is doing its job nicely. I might have to put a paper bag over it to stop the seeds falling to the ground.

My Sweet Williams have been producing lots of flowers, filling vases all around my house.

The courgettes are also pushing out flowers, thankfully with little courgettes attached to them. Though they are already getting a bit of mildew so early in the season.

And the sweetcorn, well it’s a long way from flowering, but it’s loving the hot weather and seems to be growing several inches a day. I also noticed a few nasturtiums in among the weeds and have decided to leave them, in the hope they will spread and provide a bit of ground cover, and also a splash of colour. Luckily they don’t seem to mind a drought.

Also flowering well are the main-crop potatoes and the peas, and the blackberry bush which has now hidden the shed.

The weather is so unpredictable in this country, you never now what will thrive from one year to the next. Except for the weeds, you can guarantee they always thrive!

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