Onion marmalade

Due to us having such a poor harvest of onions last year, we planted double the amount of over wintering varieties last autumn, and despite the harsh winter we had a bumper crop this summer. So I’m on the lookout for onion recipes and fancied making caramelised onion marmalade. I have made a similar recipe once before, it’s more of a chutney really than anything like conventional marmalade, although it is quite sweet. It’s perfect with a good strong cheese or cold meats.

I followed this recipe from Delia online but I reduced the quantities by around half, as it seemed like a huge amount of onions to slice, and I knew it would be too sweet for John anyway, so I didn’t need so much just for me. It was made in my slow cooker which – if you have one – is perfect for this sort of thing, as the onions need to cook very carefully and slowly. The slow cooker just means you can walk away and forget about them for several hours, while your house is gradually filled with the smell of caramelising onions.

It’s quite amazing how something that starts out so acidly sharp (especially these super fresh homegrown onions, you only have to smell them and your eyes start watering) can end up so sweet and tangy. If you have a glut of onions (red ones are especially good) then try this out. If I make this again, I think I’d reduce the sugar, as it is perhaps a little too sweet, but otherwise very good.

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