Survival of the fittest

Due to a strained back (not a result of allotmenteering unfortunately) I’ve only got as far as the potting shed of late. Though there’s no shortage of work to be done there.

These are lettuces – Webbs Wonder. They were started off in the gentle warmth of the propagator, and then hardened up a bit in the cold frame, and have now outgrown their space. So it’s time to pick and choose the winners of this round in the game of life.

It’s always tempting to save them all, but I don’t have the space or the need for so many, so – as in nature – only the strongest and healthiest get through. I pick those with the biggest leaves and strongest stems, and ideally those with the best root system. Sometimes you pull out a seedling that looks okay above soil level, but has very spindly roots on it. They get dismissed. So now I know I have the best candidates to go onto the allotment when the time comes. It’s harsh, but not that dissimilar to Master Chef.

My brussel sprouts have grown a bit too leggy (too much warmth – I should have taken them out of the propagator earlier) but they’re not weak and yellow, they look otherwise healthy, so the simple solution to this is to transplant them at a deeper level, burying as much of the stem as possible. They should recover fine.

Back into the coldframe for this lot. Hopefully some news from the allotment coming soon.



One comment

  1. Your poor brussels! Never thought about planting them deeper…good point.
    Hope your back gets better soon. I hurt my arm and could not dig…and I hated asking Mr piglet for help.

    It will be interesting to see how the brussells turn out. Do they take long to produce little sprouts?


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