Welcome flowers

I’ve brought home my first flowers from the plot. Big, bright red, Darwin tulips. I bought these really only to fill the space below my fruit trees, they were cheap and I hoped cheerful, but they’ve become my favourite ‘cut and take home’ flower from the allotment. There are more dainty and sophisticated varieties of tulips out there. Compared to say, white ballerina tulips, these are like the equivalent of 80’s red painted fingernails and lipstick, but I love their gaudiness.

They look stunning when they open to reveal their full brash colour. They may have no scent, but they brighten up the house beautifully.

Another very welcome flowery sight on the plot is the blossom on my plum tree – yay! I’m eating lots of rhubarb crumble at the moment, which is lovely, but in my opinion, nothing beats plum crumble. Come on you bees, lovely nectar, come and get it!


    • Hi Piglet,
      I don’t really have a recipe for crumbles, I just sort of know by eye how much butter and flour to rub together, and add a bit more butter if it’s too floury and vice versa. Then I add a big spoonful of sugar and usually a few oats too. The basic idea is to put the chopped fruit (you can experiment with different fruit) in a dish, sprinkle it with sugar and then cover it with the crumble mixture. Bake in the oven for 30-40 mins depending on how large it is. If you do a web search you’ll find loads of more accurate recipes. One tip I can offer though is to add a bit of ground ginger to the rhubarb, it goes really well.


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