Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

It’s about all there is to harvest on the plot at the moment (along with lots of herbs – more on those later). I’m now wishing I’d planted a bed of asparagus when I first took on the plot, 3 years ago, as I’d be enjoying a good crop of this right now. I would also normally be harvesting broad beans about now, but mine have been hopeless this year. Not sure why, but they just never got going for some reason. Maybe I planted them too close to the rhubarb which is taking all of the nutrients. And a lack of spring rain hasn’t helped of course.

Anyway, back to rhubarb, when I have a glut of something, I inevitably end up making chutney…

… my only problem now is that I have a glut of chutney!

Latest news from the plot – we’ve had a bit of rain which has helped, not nearly enough though. And last week we had a touch of frost, which has blackened the green tops of my emerging potatoes. Damn. I’m hoping they’ll be okay though, as they still have lots of green growth underneath.

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