Drought and other disasters

Cambridgeshire is now officially in a state of drought following the extremely dry spring. So far, June seems to have provided more rain than the last 3 or even 4 months put together, but it’s still only just taking the edge off.

Almost everything on the plot has a slight yellow tinge to the leaves, which could indicate some mineral deficiency, but I think is more to do with the drought. The only good thing to come of all this, is that the weeds and grass have also been struggling to grow, so weeding and mowing have been vastly reduced.

Hopefully things will start to pick up now that we’ve had some rain, but in some cases the damage has already been done. I gave up hope on my broad beans which have been dug back into the ground. And I should really be harvesting some early potatoes right now, but they’re still only about a foot high! I’ve harvested some red lettuce, but the green stuff has withered and died. I’m sure the spring onions would normally be ready too about now, but they’ve struggled to get going at all, and my early carrots are still tiny.

And then there’s the broccoli. Happily growing under a fleece tunnel, you make the silly mistake of removing the fleece to expose it to all and sundry, so one minute the plants look like this:




and a few days later:

I know, my own stupid fault for leaving them exposed to the pigeons. That’ll teach me. I have thrown some netting over over them now in the hope they’ll recover. But I’m aware that is like shutting the stable door after the horse has well and truly bolted. There’s no lesson greater learnt than in making a big old blunder.

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