A mishmash of squash

I seem to be growing more and more squashes each year. Partly because they’re so easy to grow, partly because the winter varieties keep so well, partly because they taste fantastic roasted or in soups, partly because I have enough space to do so, which I may as well take advantage of, and mainly I think because the supermarkets tend only to stock butternuts (though I notice they are selling more and more varieties lately) and yet there are so many different weird and wonderful varieties out there that I get a bit carried away.

Also – you never quite know what you’re going to get. When you sow carrot seeds, you pretty much know what they’ll look like when you pull them up (unless you get a freaky, forked, monster one) but with the squashes they all come out a bit different, and I love watching them develop over time.

These are some squashes I have grown from seed I saved last year (a turks turban variety that had cross pollinated with a hubbard variety) and are creating a source of fascination to me on each visit to the plot. The one at the top is is growing into the size, shape and colour of a pumpkin, and may well end up used as one.

Some have taken on the distinctive turban shape.

While some really don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. I think my dabbling in squash genetics may be a mistake.

I am also growing a variety called Golden Apple. Not very golden just yet, they currently look more like round courgettes, but hopefully in time they’ll turn a nice shade of orange. They’re small but quite prolific.

And I was also kindly donated some butternut squash plants. Though this is like no butternut squash I’ve ever seen! You do get some that are shorter and fatter and some that are longer, but this is very long! Just goes to show – even when you grow a trusted variety, from bought seed, you still never quite know what you’re going to end up with!



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