Boozy berries

If there’s one thing better than making cake from my allotment produce, it’s making alcohol. On the left is raspberry vodka and on the right blackberry whisky. There are lots of recipes online if you search for them, but the basic idea is to fill a kilner jar (other sealable jars are available) with the fruit, cover them with sugar and then top with cheap(ish) booze of your choice. You can also try it with gin, sloe gin being the classic one.

I used 500g of fruit in each jar and about 100g of sugar. I think more sugar will be needed, but you can taste it and add sugar as necessary, but you can’t take it away, so I’ve played it cautiously for now.

You need to give the jars a little shake each day until the sugar fully dissolves, and then store them in a dark place. After about 3 months you strain off the liquid into bottles, and then restore in the dark. The vodka takes another month after that, so it should be ready by Christmas – perfect. But the whisky improves more the longer you can resist it, preferably a year.

Never tried doing this before, so we shall see. Blackberry wine is also quite a popular tipple to make, but takes a lot more work, and I don’t have the time for that. Bring on retirement!

And with the fruit that had gone a bit too ripe and squishy – I made jam of course!

Oh – and then I also made raspberry shortbread. What can I say, I had a glut of raspberries, and it was a rainy afternoon. This is from Elizabeth David’s Summer Cooking. It’s a bit like a crumble, except you make it in a wide shallow dish, and the top forms like a crumbly biscuit. Equally delicious hot or cold. I’ll add the recipe to my recipes page, I don’t think Liz would have minded.

These are my borlotti beans. No connection, just they they’re pink and go with all the other pink pictures in this post.

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