In praise of the humble tomato

Nothing beats going out into the garden on a sunny autumn lunchtime, picking a tomato, taking it back into the kitchen, and slicing it onto a cheese sarnie. While walking back inside with it, I can’t help rolling it around in my hand, feeling the warmth it has absorbed from the sun, gently rubbing it’s waxy skin, and then putting it to my nose and taking a good sniff. Yum. Then eating the end slice. Juicy, warm, ripe tomato. Don’t even consider putting it anywhere near a fridge. If you haven’t tasted a home grown tomato, you just haven’t lived, sorry!

I do grow them on the allotment too, but as I live a good 20 minute walk from there, it’s not so easy to pick one fresh each day. So the allotment toms are grown specially for making tomato sauce.

These were slow roasted in a moderate oven, along with a few small onions, some cloves of garlic, a few chunks of sweet pepper, and lots and lots of fresh basil. A bit of seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil. This is the lazy way to make pasta sauce, just let it all thoroughly cook down in the oven and then give it a whiz with a hand blender. I then added some chopped mushrooms and halved olives to the mix. You can then jar it or freeze it as you wish.

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