Last orders for beans and tomatoes

This is the last of my climbing beans, which have finally been removed from their bed. The bamboo poles have been taken out, the soil brushed off them and stored behind the shed for next year. The bed has been weeded, gently forked over and planted with 4 rows of over-wintering onions.

I normally harvest my beans earlier in the year, and then lay them out in the sun to dry, but nature has done the job for me now. I just have to pod these and store them in clean jars, ready to be soaked and added to casseroles and curries over the coming months (picture update below).

I have a mixture of speckled borlotti and creamy flagolet beans, and large, white butter beans.

And this is the last of the tomatoes. Those in the bowl were used to make some sweet and spicy ketchup, and most of the rest were given away to friends, family and neighbours. I was almost tempted to put a window box on my front sill with a ‘help yourself’ sign. It might come to that one of these days if I can’t stop growing so much stuff!

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