Bargain bulbs

This sack of mixed daffodil bulbs was bought on our local market for two whole British pounds. I know, I splash out sometimes. They’ll fill a bit of unused space on the allotment over the winter months and provide me with cut flowers in the spring. Then, when I need the space for other things to go in, I can easily whip them out. Although, I have put them in a spot where I’m planning to grow some other flowers for cutting next year (larkspur perhaps, or more sweet williams), so I’m hoping I can leave them in place and plant (or sow) the flowers on either side of them, and they’ll come up and cover over the dying foliage of the daffs. Much like what would happen in a normal flower border.

If I have space I have an urge to fill it, even in winter. Better that than weeds.

John has been continuing the project of establishing our boundary line and creating a trench to stop the grass and weeds creeping in from next door. The bottom half of next doors plot has now been taken on by somebody new, so it’s a good time to do this. Hopefully next year we won’t have so much of a weed problem on this side.

The top end isn’t looking too bad, this contains all the winter root crops, the leeks, garlic and overwintering onions (which are just sprouting now under the netting).

Leeks are coming on well …

… and being eaten well too. Amazing how quickly it all comes around full circle, it doesn’t seem that long ago I was blogging about harvesting leeks.

It’ll be spring again before you know it!

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