Unseasonable weather

The first of December today, but you wouldn’t know it from the flowers still happily flourishing in my garden. I have clematis in full flower, having it’s second flush of the year, and reaching up to the blue skies.

Osteospermum, only one flower on it, but still a welcome splash of colour against the numerous acid orange and yellow calendulas that splatter the garden through self seeding.

And foxgloves! In December! You’re meant to be flowering next year, not this one. Did no-one tell you?

Getting back to the topic of my allotment, I have broad beans in a cold frame, which are coming up nicely. I normally sow these directly on the plot, but we’re still in the process of digging over the beds. So I decided in the end to sow them at home, where I can cosset them over winter (I’ve lost a lot in previous harsh winters) and then plant them out as soon as the weather (and ground) allows in the spring. Bring it on.

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