Baking bread while not breaking beds

I should really be digging the allotment beds over ready for the spring, but it’s still a bit too early. A bit too cold and wet. And who wouldn’t rather be in a warm kitchen, baking instead? So for this month anyway I’m attempting to improve on my (usually rubbish) bread making skills.

My trouble is impatience. I don’t think I prove it for long enough and possibly don’t bake it for long enough either, and I end up with slightly dense bread with air gaps at the top (which I now know is called a ‘flying crust’ thanks to a great book from the River Cottage handbooks series).

However, I’m never one to admit defeat, I always believe in learning from mistakes and persevering, so I’ve started with simple wholemeal rolls (so far, so so) and I’ll hopefully get better. I’m probably going to end up looking like a great loaf of bread by the end of the month!


  1. I’m going through the same bread baking learning curve too. My Mum suggested I try Very Strong Canadian wholemeal flour, which she buys from Waitrose. I did and the results are great; I heartily recommend the stuff.


    • Hi Carl, I’ll definitely have to try some of that, thanks for the tip. The range of flours in the supermarket is a bit mind boggling.


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