Bread making cracked

I think I might have finally cracked this bread making. I’ve made spelt bread, a 50/50 white and wholemeal loaf, and a white/wholemeal seeded loaf, packed with pumpkin, poppy and sunflower seeds. The one above is my first attempt at white bread, made with very strong Canadian flour and a handful of sunflower seeds. It’s the spongiest, lightest white loaf I’ve ever made, and very tasty too. I’ve not yet been very adventurous with loaf shapes, as I decided to get the bread texture and taste right first, so I’ve kept to simple round loaves so far.

Homemade bread is so satisfying, you know what’s gone into it, and you can experiment with different ingredients. And the best part is the smell as it comes out of the oven. Drives my dog mad!

It’s quite addictive. Both the eating and the making! I’m sure my allotment (as soon as the weather improves) will take over my spare time once again, but it’s a been a fun challenge to take on, and now that I’m more confident that good homemade bread is achievable, I’ll keep it up when I can.

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