Come on Spring!

We’ve had thick snow in East Anglia for a few days, which has just about gone now, but that coupled with a persistent cold virus, have kept me well away from the allotment. It’s a good job I have a dog to force me outdoors each day, or else I think I’d just curl up and hibernate like a little dormouse.

I dread to think what state the allotment is in. It’ll be extremely muddy. I imagine the weeds have overtaken the overwintering onions and garlic. The herbs have probably been flattened by all the snow. The carrots might have survived in frozen ground, but certainly the green tops will have been killed off by frost.

But also I hope the daffodils have started to come through and the rhubarb begun to grow again. And at least my water butts will be full (if they’re still standing).

I at least have leeks and chillies germinating in the propagator, and broad beans in the cold frame. Just need some sunshine now to dry out that soggy soil.

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