Full steam ahead

 There’s not been much allotment action of late, due to various other commitments and yet another cold. I know, excuses, excuses!

However, it’s all going on in the potting shed and in the propagator. The spuds are chitting nicely, and so John and I are planning to get all of the potatoes in over Easter weekend, weather permitting. We normally stagger the planting, but I don’t think it makes a lot of difference, and it’s probably the only chance we’ll get. Good Friday is the traditional day for planting potatoes, I’ve no idea why, but I like to keep up these daft traditions if I can.

I have lot’s of seedlings for brassicas, lettuce and leeks on the go.

And I have pepper and chilli plants which will be grown at home.

I don’t normally sow my tender plants (courgettes, sweetcorn, squashes, tomatoes, climbing beans) until April, as they can’t really be planted out until the end of May to avoid frost.

So, I just need to get my onion sets in, sow some carrots and parsnips, buy and plant some new strawberry plants, do some more weeding and digging, turn out the compost bins, mow the paths and pull out the last of the leeks. No problem!

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