April checklist

April showers? Tick.

Tomatoes germinated and almost ready for pricking out? Tick.

Ditto Basil? Sure, though still a bit tiny for pricking out yet. They look like little alien creatures this close up.

Sweetcorn and climbing beans sown into root trainers? Yup. Rows 1 and 2 from the left are sweetcorn (Sweet Nugget). Rows 3 and 4 are climbing french beans (speckled Birds Egg, very similar to Borlotti). Rows 5 and 6 are also climbing french beans (Kew Blue, the pods are purple but the beans are like a flageolet bean). And finally rows 7 and 8 are runner beans (Czar, large white, like butter beans).

Doing the cold frame shuffle? You betcha.

I’ve also sown courgettes and squashes, so I think that is it now for sowing. I hope I haven’t forgot anyone on the guest list! I’ve got lettuce and brassicas bursting from their pots, desperate to get out to the allotment. Leeks that are coming on slowly but surely. There’s various pots and trays of annuals. It’s like preparing for some massive party. I’ll be glad when I get to the point when I can sit back with a glass of wine and just enjoy it. Until you realise it’s all over and there’s just a load of clearing up to do!

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