Ups and downs in May

Up – Rhubarb. The rhubarb is definitely up and growing up and out at an alarming rate each day. That’ll be down to all the rain we’ve had lately. At least something appreciates it!

Down – Broad beans. They’re growing okay, but yet again they are being attacked by the wretched pea and bean weevils.

Up – Apples. Lots of lovely blossom on my little tree this year. Maybe this will be the first year I get a decent harvest from it. It’s a dwarf cox like apple called Sweet Society.

Down – Plums. No blossom = no fruit this year. Boo. Apparently when plum trees fruit well one year (which this one did last year) they exhaust themselves and have no energy to fruit the following year, so it’s quite normal to have irregular fruiting. Especially as this is still a young tree. Oh well. I just hope that the extra rain has done it some good and I’ll give it a good feed in the autumn, and anticipate lots of lovely fruit next year.

Up – Strawberries. My strawberries have set fruit. Most of them anyway, I have an assortment of varieties and some are earlier fruiting and some later. Can’t wait for these, we just need a bit of sunshine to ripen them. I’m sure it’s just round the corner!

Another up – Potatoes. The first shoots came up and they’ve now been earthed up. It may seem drastic to completely cover them over, but they’ll be pushing through again before you know it, and they’re now safe from any frosts. It also saves you weeding them! My carrots and parsnips are also up, still tiny and in need of weeding, but at least they’ve germinated. So far, so good.

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