The big plant out

I’m a little bit late this year getting all my tender vegetables out onto the plot. I’m usually done by this time, but I haven’t really started yet. The ground was so hard and dry after our week of summer, I decided to hold fire, and now I’m waiting for it to stop raining. It’s one extreme or another at the moment.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the big plant out day, whether it’s raining or not. Beans (3 varieties, 8 of each) sweetcorn (x8), tomatoes (x19), squashes (x3) and courgettes (x2). There are also leeks, but they can wait for now, my back can only take so much in one day.

My runner beans are reaching for the sun already, they’re primed and ready to get winding up some poles.

Allotment action since my last post has involved the usually weeding chores (I’ve resolved to spend at least 30% of any allotment visit on weeding, more if possible, you have to just keep on top of it), John has been earthing up the potatoes and digging over the bottom bed, and I’ve planted out some flowers, cosmos, larkspur and the sunflowers which made a miraculous recovery, 6 out of the 8 anyway. I’ve also resown some carrots (Autumn King), and more beetroot, both of which failed to germinate in the wet spring.

And I’ve sown some dwarf french beans in between the overwintering onions. The onions are looking pretty good, and I reckon will be ready to harvest within the next month. There’s at least 1 that could be lifted and used straight away. So I’m hoping that the dwarf beans will start to emerge as I start to pull the onions out, thus creating space for them, but not leaving an empty bed.

I’ve also got some purple sprouting broccoli to be planted (I didn’t grow this last year, and I’ve really missed it) but they’re still pretty small, so I’m thinking I might leave it at home until the garlic is ready to lift, and use that bed.

It’s all a bit of a juggle at this time of year, but we’ll get there.

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