Summer harvest

The weeds and the slugs are loving this wet weather. I’m sure they are in cahoots, laughing at me behind my back, as if the rain isn’t dismal enough. Why, oh why, can’t the slugs just eat the weeds, then we’d all be happy. I guess strawberries are a bit tastier, or else we’d all be eating weeds.

Still, at least I’m not spending all my time watering and moaning about a lack of water. We do after all live in a green and pleasant land, which wouldn’t be the case if we didn’t have the rain, so I’ll say no more about it. For now.

I bought back this little harvest yesterday. Broad beans (the plants have pretty much finished now), courgettes, beetroot, spring onions, strawberries and broccoli. The broccoli has bolted, but there are some substantial spears around the outside of each main head which are fine, so I’m picking it more like sprouting broccoli. You don’t get so much from each plant, and I can see why the farmers are having problems, but for me it’s not a huge problem. I have enough plants to take a fair picking from each one. And if I cut the central tops out, they’ll continue to produce side shoots for a while.

I’m also growing sugar snap peas at home which I’ve been eating in salads with beetroot, or lightly stir fried with the broccoli and courgette, so I’m feeling quite healthy anyway. Hoping to dig up my first crop of potatoes if only the weather … oops sorry!


  1. Your harvest looks grand 🙂 I don’t envy you all the rain you are having. Me it’s lack of it right now and we are on water meter 😦 so I save every drop I can. Love the look of your spring onions. I’m jealous – I can never seem to get them to grow properely


    • Hi Piglet, yes loads of rain here! It’s a miracle if we have 1 dry day, but apparently next week is going to be better, fingers crossed. Could do with some Portugal sun! My spring onions have been grown from some spare onions sets that I had left over in spring. I never have much luck growing them from seed, but this method is better, though you really just get mini onions.


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