Here comes the sun

Sunshine at last, being much appreciated (for the short while that it will probably last) by people and flowers alike. My sunflowers have started flowering. They’re meant to be Russian Giants, but they’re actually between 4 and 5 foot hight. Russian short-arses in other words. They’ve been mauled by slugs and deluged by rain, but they’re still determined to go on with the show, no matter what life throws at them. Even if they’re a tad vertically challenged. I kindly took a photo from an angle that makes it look taller than it really is, they probably have to do that to Tom Cruise.

The courgette flowers always amaze me. They’re somehow ugly, yet beautiful at the same time. Le freak, c’est chic. They certainly do their job perfectly, while I was admiring one, a huge fat bumble bee zoomed in, crash landed into the flower and was off again in a few seconds, no hanging about! Also making the most of the fine weather I guess, probably got some catching up to do.

Even when they’re closed they’re amazing.

The broccoli is now in full flower. Oh well. I don’t really want to be eating broccoli in this weather anyway. The bees are enjoying it now. The Romanesco broccoli has yet to produce any flowering heads, I was late planting it out, and now I’m really glad about that. Hopefully it will be ready around the usual September time.

The leek flowers are also being loved by the bees at the moment, it is quite literally buzzing with activity on my plot right now. These will provide my leek seeds for sowing in January next year.

And finally, my sweetcorn is also flowering. Not so beautiful these flowers, but that’s probably because they are pollinated by the wind and not the bees. So they are purely functional, with no need at all to be glamourously colourful and alluring, unlike those other harlots.

After 3 hours of weeding I was a little bit ‘glistening’ shall we say, so I’ll be back tomorrow to dig up my first potatoes.

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