Sweet and savoury harvests

I love the fact that certain crops which are ready to harvest at around the same time, are often a combination of sweet and savoury.

For example, in early spring I usually harvest leeks and rhubarb at the same time. Then in early summer it’ll be broad beans and strawberries. Around mid to late summer the plums (when they decide to fruit) are ready around the same time that we dig up our potatoes. And now, just on the cusp of autumn, it’s the turn of sweetcorn and the first autumn fruiting raspberries.

The blackberries are also just starting to ripen but are not in full swing just yet, they’re late this year. And if only my small apple tree obliged, I would next month be harvesting apples with my butternut squashes. This latter combo is probably the only one that could actually be eaten together, if roasted. It’s a pity the others don’t go together.

But at least you can make dinner and a dessert from one allotment trip. Always a good thing. Both of these crops have really benefited from the extra rain this year. Most years, my raspberries are a bit disappointing, very small and some that shrivel up and dry out before they get harvested. Also, in some years my sweetcorn has been too dry, resulting in kernels that don’t develop properly. Not so this year, they’re all plump and lovely. See, the rains not all bad!

After four years of home growing, I still haven’t tired of the simple joy in eating my first few raspberries (those don’t make it home) and my first cob of sweetcorn, boiled and smeared in butter. Yum.

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