Soup weather

The weather has turned proper autumnal now. On Saturday there was still just enough warm sun lingering on from the end of summer to make you believe it hadn’t quite left us yet, but by Monday it was truly wet, cold and miserable. Get the fire lit, a jumper on and start making hot steamy soup for lunch.

At the weekend I made pea soup, to which John suggested adding a spoon of pesto. I wasn’t initially sure if it would work, but it was absolutely delicious, so I guess I have to credit him with that one! Today (pictured above) it’s roasted vegetable soup (carrot, potato, squash and courgette, with a bit of roasted garlic, that were left-over from last nights dinner). Most of my soups are a bit of this and that, whatever is left in the fridge that needs using up. I quite often throw a few extra vegetables into a dish for dinner so that I can make soup for lunch the next day.

However, when I’m not randomly throwing things together, I do have a list of favourite combinations:

  • broccoli and stilton
  • leek and potato
  • roasted carrot and apple
  • butternut squash and red pepper and/or ginger

and now –

  • pea and pesto

I’ve yet to try making french onion soup, or minestrone, but they are definitely on my list for this autumn/winter. And any other winning combination that I find, I’ll let you know. Please share yours.

I harvested the largest of my butternut squashes on Sunday. Despite having newspaper under their bums, they were still getting a bit soggy and in danger of rotting, so I’ve brought them into the dry to harden off. In time their skins will turn a more creamy colour.

Other than a bit of harvesting, the only work on the allotment now is to gradually clear and dig over the beds ready for next year. I’ve been throwing on what I can from the compost bins, and digging back in any green manures. John has tidied the area at the back of the shed which had become a weed filled dumping ground, and I’ve planted a few more daffodil bulbs. My garlic has been ordered (sticking to Provence Wight this year) and that, along with onions and broad beans, will be planted out soon. I’m also about to sow some sweet peas and a few hardy annuals for planting out in the spring.

I could do with a few more sunny days through October, there’s still a fair amount to do before I can rest for winter.

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