Garlic planting time

I’ve been wanting to plant my garlic for some time now, but I must be turning into a fair weather gardener (or maybe I always was one) as the conditions have kept me away. Even on days when it’s not raining, the thought of a muddy plot on a dank, dreary day just doesn’t appeal. But today there was some sun, and even a bit of warmth, so I decided it’s now or never.

And so 32 cloves (from 3 and a bit heads) of Provence Wight have been planted. I’ve tried lots of varieties, but this is the one I have the most success with, so I’m sticking with it this year. Last year was pretty bad for garlic, a cold, wet winter followed by a very dry spring, and then a deluge of water – not exactly mediterranean – resulting in extremely rusty leaves and very small heads, yada yada. But who knows what sort of winter and spring we’re due this time around, and so, as always with these things, we just have to plant and hope. Plant and hope!

I had prepared a bed on the north side of the shed, but on this sunny day I could see that it’s the most shaded bed on the whole plot. Not a great thing for sun loving garlic. So I planted it on the south side instead. I’ll have to think carefully about what to plant in the shady bed.

It’s not all mud and gloom on the allotment though, cosmos and calendulas are happily flowering away as though it’s still mid-summer. Bless.

Finally, after harvesting a few crops, I just wanted to show what a difference there was in the carrots v parsnips race. The parsnips didn’t seem to mind the cold snap we had in spring, or a torrent of rain, and germinated better than ever. While it took me 3 attempts to get any carrots going. Frankly I shouldn’t have bothered, they’re pathetic. You’d think they’d be very similar things to grow wouldn’t you. But no, the proof is there in the picture.

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