A little bit of warmth

First seeds Feb2013

We had a bit of warm weather today. There was something up in the sky shining so brightly this morning it nearly blinded me when I let the dog out into the garden. What is that? It’s so bright.

Bess had 2 dog walks today, that’s how warm it’s been, but I think it’s just a nice contrast from the bitter, freezing cold it was just a day or so ago. Crazy.

I actually managed to sort out my seed trays from the shed. I washed and disinfected them, dried them in the sun and then stacked them in a far more orderly way back into the shed ready for action. I never do this, I usually just pull one out from the bottom of a toppling pile and give it a shake out. I don’t know what came over me, must be that sun affecting me strangely. I even sorted out all the split and broken ones that have been floating around the shed for years, to take down to the tip. Admittedly, the rest of the shed needs a tidy out, but that’s for another nothing-better-to-do day.

While I was there I got the windowsill propagator out and sowed my first seeds. I’m a good 2 weeks behind my usual starting point of the year, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing as I’m often too early and end up with very leggy, spindly seedlings due to the lack of light. I think it’s best to hold fire a bit.

So I’ve started off with chillies and bell peppers (which will mainly be grown indoors anyway) and some leeks. It’ll be next month that things will really get going. I’ve also re-sown the broad beans, and I’m still debating whether to grow some sweet peas.

I haven’t made any grand plans this year, I’ll just stick to what I know grows well and we love eating, and maybe try a new variety here or there. I’ve been recommended a variety of tomato (by our champion allotment holder lady) called Tamina which I’m giving a go this year. We all had blight last year except for her, though I think she’s just got the magic touch, and it’s got nothing to do with the variety.

I’m also going to attempt a new variety of outdoor cucumber this year. I haven’t had much luck with them before, so I didn’t bother with them last year, but typically they would have loved all that rain, so you can probably guarantee that we’ll have a hot dry summer now! It’s fine, you can thank me later.

But for now, I’ve got snowdrops in flower and lots of bulbs coming up in my little garden, seeds in the propagator, and a dog lounging in a sunny spot. How we all benefit from a little bit of warmth.

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