Slow beginnings

leek seedlings Pepper seedlingsThe first seeds to germinate were both the bell peppers and the leeks, which were both home saved seed from last years plants. The chillies and another batch of bell peppers from the remains of last years packet came through several days later. Just goes to prove, fresh is always best.

I’m feeling a bit frustrated at not yet having had a chance to get digging the plot over. Still got last years raspberry canes to cut down and compost trenches to fill. I’m envious of the retired folk who already have lovely looking beds all ready for planting. But I know from previous years that we’ll get there in time. One clear and dry weekend and we’ll be on top of it again. No sign yet of a repeat of last years March heat wave, but thats probably a good thing.

The daffodils are late and the garlic is slow coming, but then so am I this year!


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