Seasonal madness


We haven’t been hit too badly by the recent snow compared to some parts of the country, but by heck it’s cold! I thought I’d put a warm and sunny picture here as a reminder of better days to come. Summer certainly seems like a distant dream at the moment.

An elderly gent on the BBC News (I think he was on the Isle of Arran) said all he knew was that our seasons were all upside-down. He’s so right. We have Winter when it should be Spring, Spring showers pretty much all Summer, a fleeting glimpse of Summer in Autumn if we’re lucky. I think Winter is the only one you can bank on. It doesn’t bode well for another year of growing crops so far. I’m almost tempted to sow a load of green manure and leave the plot fallow for a year, but I know I can’t and won’t.

The first sign of warmth and I’ll be back into the joys of digging, planting and sowing again, but right now I’d rather just stay indoors. I wonder how the wildlife cope with all of this crazy weather. They don’t exactly have the option of just ‘staying in and not bothering’. I guess they have to adapt and plough on, and so do we.

Oh well, at least I’m not running to keep up with the seasons this year, I’m normally in a panic at this time of year that I might have missed the ‘sowing window’ for something or other. The windows have yet to be opened, it’s far too cold. Keep warm!

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