Springing into action


Spring has finally sprung. Which means it’s all systems go, literally all … all of those jobs that have been on hold due to the cold, all of those seeds that haven’t yet been sown, all of those hardy plants which now need to go out, all of that grass to mow and re-edge, and that means the garden and allotment.

Trust John to be on a business trip in Brazil just when spring decides to show it’s disgracefully late face.

So I spent Saturday reclaiming the garden and filling the cold frame with endless trays of seeds. Then I went to the allotment on Sunday with a job list as long as my arm.


I did take a few photos on the plot, but quite frankly they’re a bit dull. Just beds that have been dug over, or where seeds have been sown (which you can’t see, so they look exactly the same). Lot’s of brown earth anyway, not very exciting. So I’m posting some cheery Spring related pictures from my garden instead. Much prettier!


I planted 6 rows of onions, 4 rows of yellow and 2 rows of red. I sowed 3 short rows of broad beans and 3 even shorter rows of beetroot. In between the rows of beetroot, I planted a few left over onion sets that I will harvest as spring onions. In one of my raised beds I sowed 2 rows of carrots and 2 of parsnips. And I planted out my first early potatoes (Winston) into two trenches. There was much debate on the plot as to wether the soil is warm enough yet for potatoes, but I decided to go for it with the earlies. I won’t get chance to go down again for a while, and the earlies had sprouted like mad, so I decided to take a chance. Not bad for a days work, I slept well that night.


It feels so nice to finally have some warmth. I think we’re all appreciating this Spring so much more because of the long winter. A lot of my seeds are behind compared to last year, but I know they’ll catch-up, and with a bit of luck I’ll be right behind them!

parsnip cake

By the way, if you’re still harvesting parsnips (like myself) I heartily recommend making parsnip cake. Take any recipe for carrot cake, and just substitute the carrots for parsnips. My favourite is Nigel Slaters carrot and walnut cake recipe. I don’t bother with the frosting top though (I’m sure it’s lovely, but I rarely keep mascarpone cheese to hand) and I do it all in one cake tin. It takes a bit longer to bake, but it turns out fine. Just what you need with a cup of tea after a bit of gardening graft.


    • myfoodandflowers, yes I know they don’t last long, some things in the garden are beautiful but fleeting, but they are worth it. They normally flower after the daffodils have finished, but this year they have come together and they made a very handsome couple.


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