Good news and bad news

Bean shoot

I’ve been away from home for the last 10 days, and it’s ridiculous how anxious I get about leaving behind my seedlings and plants. Will it be too hot and they’ll dry out? Will it be too wet and they’ll drown? Will we get a sudden late frost, or a gale force wind to knock everything over? Will the slugs eat everything in sight?

Beans germinating

Well, it’s not all that bad. It’s been cold, so while things haven’t dried out in soaring temperatures, they haven’t exactly germinated as well as expected. I sowed my beans weeks ago (around 3rd week in April) and they’ve only just decided to make an appearance. Normally by now I’d be trying to tame their wondering tendrils, desperate to get them out on the plot. Not so this year as you can see. I’m not even sure whether they’ll all germinate.

corn and cucurbits

Similar situation here. I have 3 healthy cucumber seedlings (at the top of the photo), no courgettes, 3 slightly raggedy looking squashes, and no sweetcorn. Pathetic.

Eaten broccoli

The calabrese was doing great, until a slug or snail saw to them. Always a problem in my coldframe, will I never learn? I’ve moved them up to a high shelf on a frame opposite, and I’m just hoping for a recovery.

tomatoes ready The tomatoes were my worst fear, but they’re absolutely fine and have put on masses of growth. I just need to get these out onto the plot, so I can grow them on, weed them, tie them in to supports, etc, etc, before they get blight and have to be ripped out. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so pessimistic. Of course we won’t have a summer of rain yet again!

sweet peas

I decided my 5 sweet peas weren’t going to going to be much of a show on the plot, and so I have bought some more. This small pot was just over a pound on the local market, but there are masses packed in there. At least if my beans don’t come through I’ll have something to grow up the canes that are already in place.


And I do also have some lettuce and rocket that the slugs haven’t yet discovered (though it’s probably only a matter of time).

I’ve not made it to the plot yet, due to work demands and miserable weather. I imagine the weeds have generally taken over and the pigeons, slugs and weevils have been having a riot. I’ll let you know. As ever it’ll probably be a mixed bag of sweet delights with some sour disappointments thrown in, such is the rich tapestry of life, allotment or otherwise.

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